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Welcome to Trumpet Teacher Talk, a podcast about the trumpet, teaching trumpet and trumpet teachers, where we talk with the greatest teachers of the instrument about what they do and how they do it!

Feb 24, 2017

Episode 41: Secrets of the Musical Mind with Dr. Richard Cox

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 Dr. Richard H. Cox holds earned doctorates in medicine, psychology, and theology, as well as having been granted three honorary doctorates, one from the World Health Organization (D.Sc.). He is internationally known for his work with students and professionals in many fields, including music performance, for which many consider him among the few experts in this area. He appears on a regular basis for workshops and clinics at the National Trumpet Competition, International Trumpet Guild, Association of Concert Bands, Interlochen Center for the Arts, and numerous music schools and universities. Dr. Cox is an Artist/Educator for the Conn-Selmer Steinway Corp. 

 He has studied trumpet with such notables as Renold Schilke, Ron Modell, Dennis Edelbrock, Fred Powell, and Frank Kaderabek, Alan Hood, and Bill Adam. He has performed in the cathedrals of UK and Europe, conducted in the Royal Music Hall, Manchester, England. He has also studied, voice, organ, and piano and has performed on the pipe organ for a banquet in the Queen’s Dining Room at Oxford University (UK).

 Dr. Cox is especially known for his work integrating medicine, psychology, and music to help students and professionals with performance challenges. He is the author of three books on music performance.

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