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Welcome to Trumpet Teacher Talk, a podcast about the trumpet, teaching trumpet and trumpet teachers, where we talk with the greatest teachers of the instrument about what they do and how they do it!

Dec 16, 2016

Episode 35: Paul Baron "Trumpet Voluntarily"

Paul Baron is one of today's most highly respected lead and commercial trumpet players. His sound is distinctly bright and powerful and carries with it decades of experience in a wide range of musical styles. Musicality and passion are audible in each note Paul plays, from jazz to rock, big band to musical theater, and TV jingles to movie soundtracks.

We are excited to announce that Paul's first trumpet book, "TRUMPET VOLUNTARILY© A Holistic Guide To Maximizing Practice Through Efficiency"© is now available from Bugles Media publishing. His book is intended to accompany all the many practice routine and etude books available as a "cross-fit" training guide by learning how, what, and when to practice to achieve the greatest results in the quickest most efficient way. Ebooks and hard copies available for purchase at  Bugles Media,, Barnes and Noble, and more.