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Welcome to Trumpet Teacher Talk, a podcast about the trumpet, teaching trumpet and trumpet teachers, where we talk with the greatest teachers of the instrument about what they do and how they do it!

Sep 29, 2016

Episode 24: Keep it Simple - A conversation with Bert Truax. Bert performed over twenty years with the Dallas Symphony before deciding to teach full time. A master teacher with a wealth of experience to draw on, Bert offers great insights several aspects of trumpet performance and teaching. He is the host for the...

Sep 22, 2016

Episode 23: Creativity in Teaching-Michael Blutman. Michael Blutman is a New York based freelance musician and teacher. In this conversation he talks about how he uses creative ways to engage his students (and himself) in the learning process. He also has a music publishing business that produces "Festival...

Sep 14, 2016

Episode 22 - "Listen First!" features the great Vincent DiMartino. Vince is internationally recognized as one of the best educators and performers on the trumpet, and he is equally at home in both the classical and jazz genres. We cover a wide range of trumpet and educational topics in this episode, so there should...

Sep 6, 2016

Episode 21: "Living the Dream" - This episode features Dr. Jason Bergman of the Univ. of North Texas. Jason is an internationally known performer, having played in China, South America, Europe and the UK. 

His first solo CD "On the Horizon" has received rave reviews and is available MSR Classics.